In exploring these pages, we hope you will begin to ascertain what makes our school unique.

Each year, 16 kindergarten students enter Terra Verde to “begin their labors anew” at a school that embodies excellence. Each child at Terra Verde is encouraged to experience the joys of childhood while participating in intellectual adventures and opportunities that are divergent from compulsory public education experiences. Our teachers, staff, and families inspire each child to step outside of the familiar and comfortable confines by promoting entrepreneurial enthusiasm, ecological sustainability, and ethical benevolence. In doing so, our students will be exceptionally well prepared to transition to become leading citizens in society.

Please come for a visit as there is no better way to get a sense of Terra Verde’s appeal. The magnetic energy of our students and engaging commitment of our faculty is evident as you tour our beautiful campus. I hope to meet you when you visit!

Eric M. Snyder Ph.D