6th Grade Studio Art

6th grade students will draw and paint from life. Each student will record ideas, class notes, and inspiration in a personal sketchbook. Ceramics will include hand building and throwing on the wheel. 6th grade art projects will include 2D & 3D work in a variety of media. Projects will be tied to movements and specific works throughout art history, contemporary art and design, 6th grade curriculum and class projects, as well as specific art elements, design principles, and skills. Middle school art will encourage personal expression and celebrate each student’s unique vision.

Art 7

7th grade students will work in a variety of media on 2 & 3D projects. Students will travel through time, focusing on art movements throughout history during the school year. Each student will complete 2 research projects, one per semester. The first project will be a comparison of two artists and their work. The 2nd project will focus on a specific art movement in history.


6th Grade World Music Ensemble and Chorus

Music classes for Sixth Grade will meet twice weekly. Students will study two-part singing and sight singing, as well as beginning music theory. Students will explore music from many parts of the world and throughout history, gaining an understanding and appreciation for composers from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods. Students’ instrumental work will focus on polyrhythmic drumming techniques from the West African tradition as well as solo and ensemble work on Zimbabwean style marimbas. Students will have opportunities to perform as a Sixth Grade class as well as in concert with the upper elementary school.