6th Grade Studio Art

6th grade students will draw and paint from life. Each student will record ideas, class notes, and inspiration in a personal sketchbook. Ceramics will include hand building and throwing on the wheel. 6th grade art projects will include 2D & 3D work in a variety of media. Projects will be tied to movements and specific works throughout art history, contemporary art and design, 6th grade curriculum and class projects, as well as specific art elements, design principles, and skills. Middle school art will encourage personal expression and celebrate each student’s unique vision.

Art 7

7th grade students will work in a variety of media on 2 & 3D projects. 3D pens are a new and exciting tool that will be utilized. Students will travel through time, focusing on art movements throughout history during the school year. They will explore altering basic forms and adding functional elements like handles to pieces thrown on the pottery wheel.

Art 8

8th grade students will explore a variety of artists and techniques in the 1st semester, looking closely at individual collections and a variety of gallery exhibitions. The 2nd semester will be made up of a capstone exhibition project. Each student will create a minimum of 5 pieces for their personal exhibition. Students will be responsible for planning and hanging their exhibition’s display, creating labels, and writing an artist’s statement with a description of the collection.



The overarching goal of Upper School Music is for students to gain and retain a love and appreciation of music for life. We meet this goal by participating in, not just learning about, music of many genres every class period.

Upper School Music meets twice weekly for 50 minutes. We are a performance-based class emphasizing music from cultures around the world. We build solo and ensemble skills playing African drums and marimbas, ukuleles, dance, and vocal music. We perform for our Terra Verde community as well as the Norman community at large for events such as our fall fundraiser and our annual Green Gala.

Music Class is differentiated by grade level by student choice. Students will build on the knowledge of the elements of music (e.g. beat, rhythm, melody, harmony, form, timber, texture) to create original musical works such as stomp routines, compositions on instruments of their choice, new arrangements of existing works, or other student suggestions.