The Lower School Art Program at Terra Verde is designed to develop and support creative learners.  Each student at TVDS attends art twice a week, providing our artists ample studio time for multi-step projects. The art curriculum is founded on 4 basic principles: ENVIRONMENT, PROCESS, COLLABORATION, AND PRODUCT.


The Art Studio at TVDS is designed to foster independence.  Each artist has ownership of the space, materials, and tools.  Students are allowed to work at their own pace.  This means in one grade level, students may be working on several different projects.  Natural light bathes the room, but we still head outdoors to create!


What do you do with a blank piece of paper?  Step one is often the plan or sketch.  Idea development evolves as the artists grow.  Students connect their work to classroom learning, Art History, and the world around them.  The media and techniques are endless… printmaking, glazing ceramics, sewing, smudging oil pastels, flicking paint on toothbrushes, weaving, squeezing foil, tearing duct tape, and adding the final touch with puff paint.  Along the way, the artists are experimenting, problem-solving, trying new things, and surprising their teacher!


Amazing things happen when we work together!  The students are inspired by their peers and learn from each other.  We rely on our team to get the job done.  Whether a friend holds a precariously placed element while you make the securing knot or compliments your unusual solution to a problem, we need our peers to make magic possible.


Hey world, look what I made!  Pride is in the air every day at TVDS, in the art studio, throughout the halls, and on classroom walls.  It is rewarding to share your work with an audience, especially when we get our art out into the larger community.  TVDS artists know that hard work pays off.  Most of the students’ projects are not completed in one class.  They plan, prepare, gather, create, stand back and evaluate, and administer the final touch before determining a work is complete.