Spanish 6

In 6th grade Spanish, students work on improving their vocabulary and fluency. Students improve their listening and speaking skills and are encouraged to communicate frequently in Spanish. In addition, students learn to conjugate verbs in the past tense, including regular and some irregular verbs. They are exposed to different customs and traditions that permeate the Spanish speaking world, and learn to appreciate their differences. Video clips, songs, poems, games, and interactive websites are used to further the students’ understanding and interest in the language and culture.


Mandarin 6

Based off their 6 years (K-5) of Mandarin learning, the students will improve their Mandarin language comprehension and communication by reading, listening, typing, and writing the language. They will begin reading short passages and stories and carry on casual conversation with the help of pinyin. Listening comprehension will be emphasized to prepare them for communication purposes. Each student will write their own story book based on learned vocabulary.  Chinese cultural knowledge such as traditional holidays, Chinese customs, cultural comparisons and hands-on cultural projects will be designed and implemented throughout the school year. This goal of this course is prepare students to transition to more advanced 7th and 8th grade Mandarin curriculum that will help them better understand one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.