We will spiral through three years of Spanish I language acquisition (the equivalent of a high school Spanish I course), starting from the beginning and going further each year, with the goal of completing the program by the end of eighth grade. All three levels of Spanish will incorporate listening, speaking, reading, writing, and physical response. Games, poetry, music, geography, food, and celebrations will be a big part of learning and experiencing the culture of Hispanic countries.

Spanish 6

In addition to beginning Spanish I language acquisition, we will explore folklore of South America.

Spanish 7

In addition to intermediate Spanish I language acquisition, we will explore medieval Spain through the epic story of El Cid.

Spanish 8

In addition to advanced Spanish I language acquisition, we will explore Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean through historical fiction.


Mandarin 6

Based off their 6 years (K-5) of Mandarin learning, the students will improve their Mandarin language comprehension and communication by reading, listening, typing, and writing the language. They will begin reading short passages and stories and carry on casual conversation with the help of pinyin. Listening comprehension will be emphasized to prepare them for communication purposes. Each student will write their own story book based on learned vocabulary.  Chinese cultural knowledge such as traditional holidays, Chinese customs, cultural comparisons and hands-on cultural projects will be designed and implemented throughout the school year. This goal of this course is prepare students to transition to more advanced 7th and 8th grade Mandarin curriculum that will help them better understand one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.

Mandarin 7

With many fun games and interactive activities, Mandarin 7 is designed to help students improve their vocabulary memories, use more complex grammatical structures and sentences patterns to communicate on familiar topics. Students can demonstrate confidence and fluency on speaking Chinese language in skits, live video chatting with Chinese student friends in China, and communicate with them in Mandarin through emails and video projects. A simple Chinese magazine or newspaper will be started by Mandarin 7 to introduce what is happening at Terra Verde periodically. Through the exchange activities, students will gain more Chinese cultural knowledge and acquire preliminary cross-cultural awareness and international perspectives.

The new YCT is an international standardized test of Chinese language proficiency. It assesses young students’ abilities to use Chinese in their daily and academic lives. The YCT2 or YCT3 Test should be taken by each student by the end of this school year.

Mandarin 8

Mandarin 8 will continue to develop student’s literacy and communicative competence through expanding vocabulary and grammar structures. We will also incorporate fun games as we learn. Students are guided to express themselves on complex issues and to connect their Mandarin speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills with real life experiences. Presentation and speeches will be practiced in Mandarin. Cultural exchange programs with Chinese middle school peers are continuing. Our goal is to reach Chinese Proficiency Test YCT Level 4 by the end of Mandarin 8.