English 6

The grade 6 English curriculum seeks to build writing skills, an appreciation of literature, and an increased understanding and awareness of the scope and structure of spoken and written language. Students write a variety of stories, expository paragraphs and essays, personal essays, and poetry based on the mythology, novels, short stories and poetry read in class. Grammar study and writing workshops are integral aspects of grade 6 English; we review the topics covered in grade 5 and focus especially on sentence elements, phrases and clauses (including a study of transitive and intransitive verbs and direct and indirect objects). The literature used in English 6 becomes increasingly sophisticated throughout the year, and students learn to address such concepts as setting, conflict, theme, character development, and tone. Students are also required to complete reading assignments beyond course reading, which provides them with the opportunity to apply the academic skills they have acquired.


Latin 6

The family of Caecilius and the Roman resort of Pompeii are our guides through this introduction to Latin, the language of the ancient Romans, forebears of our American culture. This year we will cover the daily life of Romans, and the sounds and structure of their language in its simple forms through many interesting and at times amazing stories. Our textual support will come from the Cambridge Latin Course, which can be previewed online at