Physical Wellness 6

Students have Physical Education & Fitness classes two times weekly. Class sessions are forty-five minutes. The program emphasizes the refinement of motor skills and their application to team and individual sports. Fitness and wellness is integrated throughout the general curriculum and is a major focus of all wellness units. The curriculum provides students with opportunities through sequential instruction and game experiences. Basic sports skills and game rules are introduced and reinforced. Core virtues are integrated into lessons.

The students rotate through the following sport activity units: baseball, basketball, dance, soccer, softball, meditation, track & field, volleyball, and yoga. The sixth grade has choices of sports in the spring semester to get them playing more in the sports they are most interested in, and in preparation for their Middle School teams.

A personal fitness test is administered each school year. Students participate in four challenges; progress is monitored and discussed as overall fitness is critical to growth as a healthy, fitness conscious young adult. The fitness challenges include: mile run (cardiovascular endurance), sit and reach (flexibility), sit ups (abdominal strength) and pull ups/flexed arm hang (upper body strength).