Science 6

Science is an exciting subject for students just entering middle school. Terra Verde students will begin to learn the basics of the scientific method, experimental design and data collection. The various subjects that are covered will follow this format. Building blocks of this level of science includes learning states of matter, atomic theory, introduction to the periodic table, fundamentals of chemistry, electromagnetism, earth systems (constructive/destructive forces), and several other units used to prepare for 7th grade curriculum.

Science 7

Students have a basic understanding of the scientific method at this point. This will help them begin to design experiments, collect, graph and interpret data. With a basic foundation of science, we will build their knowledge by using previous experiences from 6th grade. Units covered for the second time will dive deeper and perform more complex experiments. The curriculum at this level introduces new topics such as diversity, heredity, earth systems, renewable and nonrenewable resources, and biology. The students are being prepared to manage the rigorous curriculum of 8th grade in their preparation for high school. 8th Grade curriculum will occur on Mars (The Martian by Andy Weir).

Science 8

Science at this level should be such that the students are able to propose and design experiments, collect, present, analyze, and interpret data. The theme of this science class will be based upon curriculum created from the book The Martian by Andy Weir. Through his trials while stranded on Mars, the main character, Mark Watney performs several experiments to insure his survival (combustion reaction, condensation, pressure, atmosphere, anatomy, first-aid, soil microbiology, map reading…). Each student will receive a class copy of The Martian for this class to be used during the school year.