Trina, President PTO

PTO Leadership

Hi!  My name is Trina and I am President of the Terra Verde Parent Teacher Organization. Our community of parents are truly wonderful, warm, friendly, and down-to-earth. We are involved in our children’s education and love to volunteer together at Terra Verde where 1st Graders read books to our school dog named Elliot, children learn to raise chickens, plant gardens, compost, and do chores to care for their own school – all while excelling academically in a fun and unique environment.

As parents we know our invested time volunteering helps teachers instill values, confidence, and growth in our children to become better citizens, to be generous to those in need, to be courageous in communication. This allows Terra Verde children to achieve their personal goals, while preserving the joys of learning.  Our children tell us they can’t wait to go to school and miss their teachers dearly when out of school.

Terra Verde sets an example for other schools to follow.  As parents and as a community, with our gifts (whether valuable time volunteering or monetary gifts) we can help ensure Terra Verde’s success, which in turn will make it possible to change the future for all children – for the better.