Reading from the ancient technology of bound paper and ink has a prized value at Terra Verde.  Recent studies indicate that we learn less successfully from screen-based reading versus paper-based reading.  Students have shown better comprehension, retention, less stress and exhaustion, and more sheer enjoyment in reading from paper compared to screen reading.  Plus, books just smell great.

That must be why so many Terra Verde kids get that happy gleam of anticipation in their eyes on library day!  Our classes visit the library each week, generally with their upper or lower class buddies.  Upper grade students are encouraged to help younger grade buddies find a “good fit book” and share favorite reads of their own.  Students usually have 30 minutes for book-shopping, checkout, and read-to-self time or storytime.catalogicon

We have two changing display shelves that highlight topics (a good place for reluctant readers to start), such as books that relate to the Virtue of the Month, seasonal interests, and new books.   Remember to return books before or during your class library visit on Thursday/Friday!

Our library is ever-expanding (we have around 5,000 books) and our newest addition is a public online catalog.  While Ms. Alissa and Mrs. Nanny can be wistfully nostalgic for a hulking oak card catalog, we must admit that we are very pleased with our computer search station.